The “Vanity Buy Back” Programme

We invite you to get rid of a used Vanity tattoo machine and to buy a new Vanity tattoo machine through the “Vanity Buy Back” programme, denominated hereunder “the Programme”.

Through this Programme, you can bring an old, but functional, product, part of the Tattoo Machines category, and take advantage of the sum granted following its evaluation in order to complete the cost of a new product from the Tattoo Machines category.

All you have to do is to complete de online form and you will be contacted in order to establish the type of delivery of the old product for evaluation.

After the evaluation of the old product, conducted by our technical personnel, you will receive a discount for purchasing a new product from the aforementioned category.

Article 1. Programme Organiser

1.1.             The Programme is initiated by S.C. KO&KO FACTORY S.R.L , with office address in Craiova, strada Rarau, numarul 8, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J16/2217/2016 CUI RO 36828064.

S.C. KO&KO FACTORY S.R.L. will be denominated hereunder “the Organiser”.

1.2.             The organiser is entitled to modify any of the established conditions settled in these Regulations, for the ongoing period of the Programme, provided any potential clients are notified.

Article 2. The Scope

2.1.         The Programme will run nationally, as well as internationally, for old and functional Vanity products that fall into the Tattoo Machines category, purchased from our online shop or from authorised sellers and distributors, hereunder denominated as “the Product”. Non-applicable to the products that do not function at the moment of exhibition to benefit from this Programme, as well as the ones that are an exact replica of the brand products.


Article 3. Eligible products for the Programme

3.1.         Eligible products for the Programme: old, but functional, tattoo machines, only from the VANITY brand, known as Vanity Tattoo Machine. These have to be sent/brought by the client at the office address of the business from Craiova, strada Rarau, numarul 8,  postal code 200791, Romania. Non-applicable to the products that do not function, as well as exact replicas of the brand.

NOTA BENE! If, following the evaluation of the product, this is valued at 0 (zero) euros, the product will not be considered eligible for the Buy Back Programme, and will not benefit from any discount.

        Art. 3.2.           If a client brings more than one product, these will be individually evaluated and a discount will be offered for each product. The discounts will be used for separate transactions, each discount for a new order. It is not possible to accumulate more discounts for one order.

Article 4. Rights and conditions for participation

4.1.       Legal persons, hereunder denominated as “the Client”, that are 18 (eighteen) or older at the time of the display/ sending date of the product for evaluation, are allowed to participate in the Programme.  

4.2.      In order to complete said transaction, the Client has to present a valid identity card.

Article 5. The description of the Programme

In order to enter the Programme:

5.1.      The Client has to present or send the product at the office address of the business SC KO&KO FACTORY SRL, 200791 Craiova, numarul 8, Romania

5.2.      The specialised personnel will evaluate the Product and will communicate the price in EURO with which VANITY TATTOO MACHINE can purchase, and the discount in euro that may be offered to the Client in exchange for the Product, respectively. Therefore, the counter-value of the Product will be reimbursed based on a discount expressed in euro, that will be issued immediately and will be registered on the new invoice as DISCOUNT.

5.3.      The Client has to use the issued DISCOUNT immediately, for purchasing a new (EXCLUSIVELY RESEALED) product from Vanity, part of the tattoo machines category. The Product, once submitted by the Client to VANITY and the sales and purchase contract signed, cannot be subsequently returned by VANITY through a transaction cancellation request forwarded by the Client.

5.4.      If the Client returns the Product newly acquired through the Programme using the Return service in 30 days, the Client shall receive back, after reversion, the sum of money corresponding to the purchase of the new product, without the DISCOUNT value received for the Product after its evaluation. The discount may be reactivated for a new purchase for the same category aforementioned in article 3.1.  The reactivated DISCOUNT may be used in the same conditions as the initially issued DISCOUNT, namely, immediately. The DISCOUNT cannot be exchanged for money. The value of the DISCOUNT received through the Buy-Back system includes the VAT tax.

5.5.      The Organiser assumes that every client that enters the Programme owns by ownership title the Product with which he/she enters the Programme, more specifically, that each client is the rightful owner of the submitted Product. The Organiser does not have the obligation of verifying and certifying the client’s right over the submitted product through the Programme, the entire responsibility to do so falling to the client.


Article 6. Force Majeure. Act of God

            6.1.      For these Regulations, the force majeure means any event which cannot be controlled, remedied or foreseen by the Organiser, including the impossibility of the Organiser, with reasons independent from his/her will, to fulfil the obligations undertaken through these regulations. The Act of God is an event that cannot be seen and neither prevented by the Organiser.

              6.2.      If a force majeure or Act of God situation impedes or totally or partially delays the execution of the regulations and the continuation of the Programme, the Organiser will be exonerated from the commitment concerning the fulfilling of his/her obligations for the period for which this completion will be impeded or delayed, complaint with Civil Code art. 1351. The Organiser, if he/she summons the force majeure or Act of God, shall communicate to the participants of the Programme the existent case within 5 (five) working days from the apparition of the force majeure or Act of God cause.


Article 7. Litigation

7.1.      Any complaint concerning the programme can be addressed in writing at the address of the social office of the Organiser, as specified in these regulations, or e-mailed at within 7 calendar days from the date the event took place.

7.2.      Any potential altercations between the Organiser and the participants in the Programme will be solved amicably or, if not possible, the litigation will be solved by the Romanian competent court of law in Craiova Municipality.


Article 8. Discontinuing the Programme

            8.1.      The Organiser is entitled to discontinue the Programme at any time during its ongoing period, provided any potential clients are subsequently notified through adequate communication methods (displayed online).

            8.2.      If the Programme will be discontinued, for any reason, the Organiser will grant the participant Clients the benefits until the date of termination, compliant with the previsions of these regulations

Article 9. Protection of personal data

9.1.      By entering this Programme, each Client confirms the nonconditional acceptation of the processing of their personal data by the Organiser, for fulfilling the obligations undertaken by him/her in this Programme.

9.2.      The Participants of the Campaign are granted their rights, in compliance with the Law no. 677/2001 concerning the people protection in personal data processing and the free circulation of such data, the right to access the date, right to intervene in and the right to opposition.

9.3.      If the participants do not request otherwise in writing, they are hereby agreeing with the collection and usage of personal data by the Organiser in the way presented in the aforementioned paragraph.

9.4.      The participants can withdraw the agreement concerning the data processing or the receiving of any information or correspondence at any given moment, through a written request, submitted to the shipping address KO&KO FACTORY SRL , Craiova ,Dolj , 200791, strada Rarau , 8 . 


Article 10. Other mentions

10.1.    The regulations afferent tot the Programme are freely displayed and available on the Organiser’s official website at, for the entire ongoing period.

10.2.    The participation in the Programme is equivalent to the knowledge and integral and non-conditional acceptance by any Client of the previsions and implementation of the current regulations.