Definition of terms

The terms site, this site and the site used in this document refer to the site www.vanitytattoomachine.com

The website content belongs exclusively to SC KO&KO FACTORY S.R.L, headquartered in. No 8 Rarau Street, Craiova, UIC 36828064 J16/2217/2016 being protected under Romanian law on intellectual property rights regarding the brand VANITY.

By the terms user, visitor and yours, we refer to individuals who access the website for any reason.

          The terms Regulation, Terms, Terms and Conditions refer to this user agreement.

By the term personal data, we mean the information we collect from you, on which you may be personally identified. These may include your name, address, telephone number (including mobile number), e-mail.

          Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Before watching and using this site and its applications, please read carefully the following details. They set the terms and conditions for your to use the content of this website. Accessing the site and using its applications mean and at the same time imply the express or implied, cumulative acceptance of all the clauses mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.

SC KO&KO FACTORY SRL may change at any time the terms of this agreement without asking consent from users or any party. If you continue to use the site means the acceptance of amendments to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree or, for various reasons, do not accept the Terms and Conditions for using this site without limitation, please leave the site.

Using this website and online ordering of products available implies the acceptance of the following terms and conditions. For the use in the best conditions of the site it is recommended, to read before the Terms and Conditions below.

We reserve the right to make changes to these provisions without prior notice. We also reserve the right to ask for certain orders the full payment in advance. 

Our service includes communications of administrative and commercial nature that will be sent when you decide to register as a user.

You acknowledge and agree that, without any prior notice, we can remove or add any information on the site, discontinue any activity on the site or archive the content of the site, and where there are references to other sites we do not guarantee and / or confirm any type of information that you will find on these sites. It is up to you whether to visit or not these sites or take into consideration or not the information found there.


           Registering as a member, password and behavior as member

Only people who have turned 18 can make an account and place orders. The law prohibits issuing invoices to minors.

By registering as a member you will be asked to choose a username (email address) and password. You are responsible for safe keeping the password as a member of this site, any activity carried out under your username is entirely your responsibility.

You agree to notify us immediately of any loss of password or a sign of unauthorized activity under your username.

You are fully informed on the clause that any information, data, text, photographs, graphics, etc. on this site are the responsibility of the person / entity from which it comes. In these conditions we can not, in any way, directly or indirectly, be held responsible for the content of the site including, but not limited to, information truncated, incomplete or incorrect or for any consequences of its use.


           Your obligations after registration

By using the Service you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself, as they are specified in the registration section as a user and you agree to provide this information correctly and completely.
In situations where we consider that this obligation is not fulfilled by you, we reserve the right to block access for a limited or unlimited period, from using the service without any prior notice.



The entire content of the website (images, text, graphics, symbols, web graphics, scripts, programs, logos, databases) is owned by SC KO&KO FACTORY SRL and its suppliers and it is protected by the law for the protection of copyright. The use, without our consent, of any items listed above is punishable by law. You, as a user, fully agree with those mentioned above.


          The acquisition

The acquisition of Vanity products can be made online on www.vanitytattoomachine.com , or from Authorized Retailers.

When buying a Vanity product, the payment can be made both online and on delivery, when receiving the package.

Select a payment method to your advantage.

Also, if you placed a wrong order, do not hesitate to contact us for its rectification.

 Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email. If the product ordered is not in stock, you will be notified by email or telephone, and you will determine whether you want an alternate product or cancel your order until stock updating.

          The WARRANTY

Vanity Tattoo Machine benefits of 12 months of warranty for the complete assembly produced by Vanity. The warranty does not include consumables, parts that wear out by using the device and the engine (because we can not control its correct use).

The engine durability is highly dependent on the power supply used. The use of improper power supplies or low power, can influence the functionality but also the may lead to engine destruction.

The improper use of sterilization / cleaning, lubrication, solutions on these tattoo machines can influence their functionality!

If the factory no longer produces a model, we provide replacement parts and service for 1 year from cessation of production, information that will be posted on the site.

In order to benefit from the Vanity guarantee you must submit the proof of purchasing the product from us or from the Retailer, and fill the service sheet displayed on site.

Vanity provides service and spare parts for products whose warranty has expired, at minimum price, those of the producer. (without trade mark-up)

        The warranty does not apply if:

- you do not provide the proof of purchase from us or from the Retailer.

- The product shows dents, scratches, it was unsealed, dismantled or subject to unauthorized intervention.

        Return of the product

For any flaw, discovered when purchasing the product, you are entitled to return the product and receive reimbursement for the package, including transportation cost, within 7 calendar days, or you may change the product.

The return shall be done for new, unused products in original the packaging, without traces of use that include the original invoice.

 Request the return by phone or email, attaching the proof of purchase. The package reimbursement shall be done within 30 days. Vanity is not responsible for product loss or degradation during the return. It is your responsibility to choose a safe and reliable courier service.

The returned product must be in the same condition as it was delivered; No refunds are given for the products presenting dents, scratches, shocks, traces of excessive use or unauthorized interventions.

If the product shows no flaw at return, you will have to bear the cost of transportation.

          Orders, Delivery time

For orders placed until 12.00, the products will be delivered to the courier on that day. Orders placed after 12:00 will be delivered to the courier the next day.

The delivery time is 1-5 days for products in stock.



The shipping will be only with  fast courier.

             -delivery time 1-2 working days


For International shipping  will be two  possibilities:

 - By Fast Courier - TNT Courier  

                              - delivery time - U.E. 1-2 working days                  

                                                     - outside U.E. 2-5 working days

By Romanian Post - Priority Post 

                               - delivery time - U.E. 2-5 working days

                                                        - outside U.E. 5-10 working days.

For  other countries,  PLEASE CONTACT US VIA office@vanitytattoomachine.com , or by phone: +40 723 VANITY  ( 826 489 )

NOTE- if the sistem has an error, you’ll be contacted to recalculate the price of the transport.

         The Security Policy

The Security Policy will ensure that any information provided by you to Vanity is confidential (name, address, telephone number, mail, bank account, etc.) We can use your data to provide you information, advertisements, that you could be interested in, with your consent.

By purchasing one of the products we offer, you agree to the terms and conditions of use. 

 For more information, please see the Privacy and Cookies Policy of our website.

         Conflicts and Disputes

The e-mail where anyone can report any copyright infringement is office@vanitytattoomachine.com

Any attempt of unauthorized access to the site and any fraud attempt will be reported to authorities. Any conflict between the company and customers will be amicably settled by agreement between the two parties. In case this is not possible the Romanian legal provisions shall apply in this area and the conflict resolution is falls under Romanian courts.