1.         RESEALED products are products sold by SC KO&KO FACRORY SRL through the online shop and/or authorised distributors and resellers, with opened and/or damaged packaging.
  2.        These products generally come from returns from clients, products rejected after unsealing and testing, products displayed in showroom, conventions, products submitted to certain publications, blogs, tattoo artists for reviews or products directly resealed by the producer/ supplier* and/or from the BUY BACK PROGRAMME.
  3.         All products are verified by our technical personnel prior to being put for sale.
  4.         Resealed products may present some aesthetical issues, usage marks or superficial/fine scratches (generally, products with shiny cases may easily scratch).
  5.         All RESEALED products contain all accessories, original parts, the same as the new products sealed from the same category or type of product.
  6.         Aesthetical issues are mentioned in the description of the product.
  7.         The RESEALED products stock is standard of 1 single piece per displayed product – more specifically one product displayed as RESEALED is the sole one available online and the physical stock is made of one piece.
  8.         If more orders are placed for a RESEALED product, the completed order will be the first one chronologically registered in the system.
  9.         Considering the nature of the products and the discount of new resealed products, the warranty provided to these products will not always be similar to the one provided to the new products.
  10.         The warranty term of each product will be registered for every product. If there are any issues during the warranty term, the products will be brought/sent to the location of the business, where they will be left until the issue is solved (repair work, replacement with a similar product from the same RESEALED category, return of money ).
  11.         The money will be returned if the product cannot be fixed during a time period of 15 working days, or replaced with a similar one (from the same resealed category).
  12.         The RESEALED products do not benefit from the same discounts new products do.
  13.         The RESEALED products benefit from the same return policy new products do.

Compliant to Law 449/2003, chapter VI, Art. 22, paragraph (2) “For used products, the consumer and seller can agree on a decrease of the term stipulated in art. 16, no longer than a year after the delivery date of the product. ”

* Resealed products may be separately produced, reconditioned or replaced by the Vanity authorised service.

**The repair work of a product consists of replacing a malfunctioning part with a new part.