For orders placed until 12:00  the products will be delivered to the courier on the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 will be delivered to the courier the next day.

The delivery time is 1-5 days for products in stock.



The shipping will be only with  fast courier.

             -delivery time 1-2 working days


For International shipping  will be two  possibilities:

 - By Fast Courier - TNT Courier  

                              - delivery time - U.E. 1-2 working days                  

                                                     - outside U.E. 2-5 working days

By Romanian Post - Priority Post 

                               - delivery time - U.E. 2-5 working days

                                                        - outside U.E. 5-10 working days.

For  other countries,  PLEASE CONTACT US VIA , or by phone: +40 723 VANITY  ( 826 489 )

NOTE- if the sistem has an error, you’ll be contacted to recalculate the price of the transport.